The Football Team

I went out for football when I was in 8th grade. We went down and got our football equipment, it was then I noticed just how big those big guys were.  I kind of wondered how I’d do out on the field with those bug guys.  When the time came I was kind of worried whether or not I’d get hurt.  Well, I didn’t get hurt, but I wasn’t to (sic) good. I didn’t let it bother me too much, I really didn’t expect to be that good anyway. I made it through the first season without a scratch and without playing.

Well, I was in the 9th grade now and football practice was to begin again.  Of course I went out for the team. I wasn’t going to leave all that hard work I had done last year go to waste.

We went down to get our equipment the same as last year.  I was confident, whereas I noticed that the 8th graders were awkward. I laughed to myself as I remembered how I was the same last year.

Practice was hard work but needed to get us into shape and this was the only way to learn the plays. I was one of the big kids now and it was my chance to play in the games.  I played fullback and defensive linebacker.  I usually played middle linebacker but sometimes moved to one of the outside linebacker. (sic) I loved playing linebacker because it gave me a chance to get revenge on the other teams’ running backs.

Well, the first game came and boy was I nervous.  We lost the first game and the second too.  This was what it took to spark the team.  The coach gave us numerous lectures and they all melted down to we better win the next game or else.

The big game came.  I wasn’t nervous but confident. I played the complete game.  I made a few fair runs and so many tackles on defense I was sore all over.  We won that game and boy was I glad.

I plan to go out for football next year.  I’ll have to go through the whole thing again. I’ll be a little guy and see and wonder about those big guys once more.

Editor Note:  Although he wanted to play football in 10th grade, Don was sent to Massanutten Military Academy instead.  Our father thought Don needed “discipline”.  At Massanutten Don learned to drink, smoke, do dope, and gamble. He returned to Knoch for 11th grade where he did play football and run track.