Stories by Donald James Arthur

These stories were written by Donald James Arthur as part of a high school writing requirement. They were probably written around 1967.  Don (1952 – 1994) was my closest confidant and friend during our childhood years.  Later, he made some unfortunate choices and his life took a hard turn for the worse. In his last few years, he married a wonderful woman and began a path towards better days.  His choices made years earlier took a toll and he died just as he was getting things together. 

Don was a native of Pittsburgh but the family moved to Butler County when he was only a year old.  He attended Penn Township School and Knoch High School.  He participated in football and track.  He loved the Steelers and rock music particularly Stevie Ray Vaughn.  His sense of humor was renown and he was selected as “most humorous” in senior superlatives.

I discovered these stories in an old file in 2018 after I had written and posted most of my stories.  Don’s stories were written shortly after the events occurred.  I was amazed that they so closely matched my memories as I reconstructed them decades later.  I have included my brother’s Butler County boyhood stories here as an homage to his wonderful unrealized talent.