School Days

The time had finally come for me to go to school.  Yes sir, I was all set. I had the “Zorro” lunchpail and thermos and the rest of the junk.  That big day had finally come and I was all ready. I walked out to the bus stop with my brother.  Out at the bus stop there were couple of big guys talking about the teachers and the other guys down at the school.

The bus came and picked us up.  There was a lot of noise and commotion on the bus but soon we were at school.  As I entered I guess I was kind of excited about the whole thing you know, the hustle and the bustle, all those kids, the rooms and the teacher.

I soon learned it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.  The thing I hated was sitting still. I used to figure out how long to go before the bus would come and take me home. I was quite a troublemaker.  I was always getting into fights, breaking something or just getting into some kind of devilishness.

After a while I started to dislike school, but soon I got used to it.  I had many good friends, lots of fun and some real unusual experiences.

When the time came to leave good old Penn Township school (sic) I was not sad to go but glad for I knew that I’d be coming up to Knoch. I soon came here and I am going through the same thing again.

Editor’s Note: Children are good at responding to conditions around them, often without knowing exactly what the reasons for those conditions are.  Don had great problems in first grade but the background was that conditions at home were distressful.  These conditions are explained in my story “Mildred Gallentine” which appears elsewhere on this website.