Corn Meets Car

Every year the guys in the neighborhood gather and go over to a nearby farm an “borrow” some field corn which we husk and throw at passing cars.  We have picked a perfect place to throw the corn.  Old Route 8 is a well- travelled road along which there is Pride’s Nursery.  Pride’s as we call it, is a maze of dirt roads and broken paths.  We know these roads and paths like the backs of our hands. We are always hunting, fishing or goofing around back in this nursery.

It was a couple of days before Halloween and we went down to Pride’s and got ready to get some cars. It was about 9 o’clock at night and there was a full moon. This gave us plenty of light so we could see what we were doing.  We noticed a pair of headlights shining over the hill.  We quickly ran, got a couple of handfuls of corn, and awaited eagerly.  The suspense grew.  The car passed and we all through and hit squarely.  The car didn’t stop, disappointedly we sat down. I must point out that unless the car stops and the guy in the car gets out and chases you or sears at you it’s no fun.

Another pair of lights shinned over the hill. We ran to the bag of corn once more.  The car drew closer. The suspense grew. Finally the car was directly in front of us.  We took careful aim and threw, another square hit. A dead silence grew over us.  Watching for the taillights to glow double bright, the car slowed down.  He was going to stop!  We took off as fast as our feet would carry us. My legs were going so fast that once in a while my right shoe would kick me in the butt. I ran into a stand of crabapples that were so thick, I think the only way they could be penetrated was on my hands and knees.  I crawled back about 50 feet as fast as I could and lay down.


I noticed a flashlight shining between the crabapple trees and heard a car door slam. The man in the car was going to look into this strange happening.  I noticed my t-shirt reflected the moonlight extremely well.  I grabbed two handfuls of leaves and sprinkled them over my chest.  I looked for the flashlight.  It was jiggeling (sic) up and down rapidly. The man was chasing someone.  He ran to the edge of the crabapples and stopped.  He shinned his flashlight directly on me.  I hoped he would move but instead he started hacking his way through the crabapples.  I was situated in a small clearing. He kept coming closer rather than turning away as I hoped he would.  He reached the clearing and stopped.  Just then someone on the other side of the clearing said something.  My pursuer ran straight for me.  Thirty, twenty, ten, five feet away from me. I closed my eyes and as I did I could feel the ground vibrate and wiggel (sic) on my right and then my left.


He had run directly over me.  I breathed easy as I saw him start hacking his way through the crabapples on the opposite side of the clearing.  I waited about ten minutes and heard the car door slam once again.  I heard the car pull away and then a voice yelling, “Come on out.  The coast is clear.” I crawled out, met the other guys down by the road, and awaited another car.


Editor’s Note:  The Orlando Pride Nursery, the location of this story, is the same nursery I discuss in my story The Garden of Eden.”  Don did a much better job describing the unique paths that were part of the magic of the place.