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The South Butler County School District Project

Jim Hartzell and I are working on a project about living within our school district.  We both felt fortunate to grow up in Butler County and attend Knoch High School.  We also remember the “adventure” of our first weeks where we met with fellow students who lived in places we did not know.  We were, for example, introduced to families who did their shopping in Tarentum or lived on KDKA Boulevard. These were places we had never been. Later we had friends from everywhere and got to know their families, thus widening our horizons and inevitably changing our lives.

We would love hearing your stories. We would be interested in hearing any of your experiences about living in the district – whether or not directly connected with the school and whether good, bad, or simply puzzling.  We are also focusing on the history of the area. In this regard we would love to know stories about when you/your parents/your ancestors moved into the townships which became part of the South Butler County School district, and something about their lives in previous years.

Examples of such story are on this website. Please consider sharing your stores with us. You can send them to  Be assured that any public use of your personal stories would only be with your permission, although obviously to the extent you refer to general events (such as parks, recreation places, cinema houses, lines of business etc.) such information may be wound into our project.

Thank you,

Dick Arthur