Breaking News at the Eagle

The Butler Eagle (“Everybody reads the Eagle…”) was the informational glue that held the county together. It provided us with vital information that today’s newspapers won’t or can’t provide. If you were admitted to the hospital the world knew about it.   Every baby born was heralded. Every wedding was posted.  If you got arrested, there was no hiding the shame. The Eagle told you when to wear a raincoat, when to turn back your clock, when to plant your tomatoes, and to remind you to cast your vote for Nixon-Lodge. It also provided in depth reporting on the activities of the city police:

“Last night at 8:28, that elusive bat, which escaped police capture twice last week, was reported on 444 Locust Street. The police were summoned and were successful in bagging the bat. Afterward they disposed of the winged mammal.”

Thank goodness we were informed.